Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ThE GiRL Is Out AnD AbOuT - NoTTiNg HiLL CaRniVaL 11

a slice of carnival life...if u got something to contribute send it my way. the more the merrier n' all that...

source: The Girl Is Down Under photography, Novella-Ria , Chloe Waller 

LaUrA MaY's LA InSiGhTs

cool feature that caught my eye last week was Laura May's LA Insights by The Vine. Laura May being the mind behind the design of the Insight womenswear line. Here, she spills a little insight into her working life and 1 or 2 tip offs about her inspiration hot-spots in LA. photos included.
nice touch, read the full deets here.

H.I.P Thrift 

Hidden Treasures

Topanga Canyon Blvd

 Insight Spring Summer mood boards

 Venice Beach 

source: TheVine

Saturday, 27 August 2011

SpAniSh MoSS - DaUgHtEr Of The EarTh LooK BooK

Meow....the latest Spanish Moss look book's got me mewing like a new born kitten..
not quite sure what I mean by that, but basically I like it.

If you fancy it, check out my latest minute musings featuring lots of Spanish Moss right here.

Friday, 26 August 2011

AmOrE & SoRvETe - BaThiNG In LoVe & IcE CrEaM

3 trigger words to get me ears pricked: love. ice-cream. swimwear. 

That is (quite literally) the name of the game for Amore & Sorvette's SS11/12 'Sorbet' collection. 
And in the name of sorbet, lets get down to the flavours as designers Bridgette Gale and Kesta Anderson sure don't hold back on the menu...a pastel here, a print there, a high waist, a low rise, string ties, ruffle straps, all in ones..the list goes on. You see, this is where the love part comes in, take a good look and you won't miss the attention to detail that has gone into each piece.

There is of-course one problem here. I think you'll find its the same that occurs in the ice-cream parlour. which flavour? 

phenomenal high waister set...

love this black & print contrast ruffle no.

heart that ruffle strap...

lovin these cropped swing tops...

Amore & Sorvete is scooped up on the western shores of OZ, find out how to get your hit here.

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