Monday, 28 February 2011

JuLiA NoBiS for MaRNi EdiTioN SS11- OuT NoW

Oh yes. The SS11 Marni collection was one of my favourites. A hypnotic and eclectic mix of textures, vibrant colours and random prints with a wonderful sluicing of sportswear. 

Now meet the little sister label Marni Edition, a teasing capsule collection where you can find all the best cuts of Marni's kooky character traits. The SS11 collection is given some front indeed, endorsed by the achingly cool Julia Nobis.

Stockists: If your in Sydney, head down to The Cornershop at The Strand Arcade. Londoners should go straight for Browns. Failing these options, go direct to the Marni online boutique. A fail proof plan if ever i saw one. 

RuSSH IsSuE 38- BaBeS

Virgin suicide vibes from this simplistic yet highly evocative story from RUSSH 38..

shot by: Benny Horne
styling: Stevie Dance
models: Bambi Northwood Blythe, Lisanne De Jong, Hannah Holman, Abby and Meag

Sunday, 27 February 2011

No Li-Lo'S NeCeSsArY...

Photo by Jason Lee Parry


Let's get.


What's your story?

Personalised jewellery. Who doesn't love a story about where or who a jewel has come from. Friendships bracelets remain as precious now as they did at school. Cat Himmell's gets what i'm talking about... Her pieces send out messages using symbolism and meaning. She's from Oz, but always on the move collecting materials and producing little gems for us to have and share with our precious ones.

In Sydney, i've spied her designs in Butik on Bondi beach. Also stocked in US and NZ, but this girl needs to spread her love a little further please. Check website for full stockists.

Friday, 25 February 2011

DaNiELLe ScUTT FaLL 2011- ShE'S BaCk!

 Love the front and back shots of this sic neon-pink shirt dress. 


Sometimes life in the city does feel like the concrete jungle... 
So why not armour yourself in the style of Danielle Scutt's latest offering. Her girls strut looks that are sharp, striking and sexually charged, teased with just enough modesty and sophistication to satisfy. Each look is armoured up with bold territorial jewellery; thick multiple chains worn as cuffs. collars and belts and drop-to-the-ground earrings. 

Scutt is back for the first time in 3 seasons, i've enjoyed following her work in past and had the pleasure of meeting her last year. On a street corner in east london, waiting for the exchange of a bag of samples (as you do...) she was a vision of tailored micro skirt and tank, dirty blonde hair the length of her back. knuckle duster gold rings and multiple gold necklaces. I think she's the business and can't wait to see more.

I'll have to get back later with the stockists for this collection. However, I can say that the jewellery was made as a collaboration with Freedom for Topshop and will go on-sale any day- so go get your armour! 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

KaTe SyLvEsTeR- LoSt & FoUnD AW11

I felt lost..

and then I was found again...

Love those muted lilacs and icy blues tones.

These are the latest threads from New Zealander Kate Sylvester. Soft tailored pieces with an eclectic, prep-ster edge in the appearance of stripes, sweaters, flippy tennis-style skirts and pulled up sports socks is all a nod to the ol' school games kit. 

Finished off with a sultry dark lip and pale skin...that's a gang i'd like to be in.

She's a good gal that Kate Sylvester and strives to run an eco-sustainable business. A wholesome soul with a fierce sense of style- much like the nature of her clobber.  

For stockists check the Kate Sylvester website. Londoners, this label is hard to come by at home- but the website's e-shop does ship internationally so all is not lost.

WaTery BoNdi BaBE

source: Aquabumps

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OnE TeAsPoon- WiNTeR 11 ReViSiTEd

A little while back I posted a video showcasing the new collection from One Teaspoon. Now I a have some stills to tease your appetite for 'The Wanderer'... 

Love that.


Neon pink.

If your hungry enough for it look out for touch down soon and if your a Londoner, remember that Asos stocks this bad boy so keep your eyes peeled.

BoDi BuoY

I  said sometimes there would be surfers. This is by nifty surf photographer Euguene Tan from the Aquabumps site. Boom.

THiS iS My ChUrCh

Photo by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller for No. MaGaZiNe, a sic mag that resides in New Zealand.

Monday, 21 February 2011

RiChaRD NicOLL - FALL 2011

Richard Nicoll.. or 'The kid from Perth' as labelled by Harper's Bazaar Au has banged out some beauties on the runway for AW11.

I love a mix of sportswear and luxury. Yeh sure, orange isn't for everyone, but we can all go back to black. These looks make me think of scuba girls at cocktail parties...
well y not?


There is a lovely profile on the man himself in Harper's Bazaar Au March 11 issue (click the link to read online) Theres some chat on his collaboration with Sportsgirl too which is looking good.

Friday, 18 February 2011

MaRa HoFFMaN SWimWeAr ReSoRt 2011

Mara Hoffman is a New York City based designer. The concrete jungle may be her place but her mentality is all about the tropicana...

This is resort 2011
love the cuts
love the prints
love the colour
And its been styled up damn good n'all...

Stocked in Tuchuzy boutique in Sydney and Feather & Stitch in London. Go get.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

JeReMy ScoTT FaLL 2011

This fall 2011, Jeremy Scott's seeing stars and stripes... 
So much so that he's even manipulated God into a commodity. 

Fair play to him. Y not be fun and frisky for fall?


RaChEL RuTT FoR OySter

Stuck in a Rutt - and its well good. 


New face Rachel is well on her aussie way. And now I want a coke.

Rachel Rutt for Oyster magazine issue 90

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

JoSh GooT Ss11

Profile 'Goot Times' in the Harper's Bazaar Au March 2011 issue. 
Here are some cool behind-the-scene shots, but the real story is well worth checking out in the issue. New face Annabel Moore shines like a washed up jewell on the beach of Maroubra.


StYLe STaLkEr - ThE BeAuTiFuLL & ThE DaMnEd

Fix your eyes over the latest sacrificial offering from Sydney based label Style Stalker...

Do you.
Wanna be.
In my gang?

Style stalker is the lovechild of designers Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic. They call this collection 'The Beautiful and the Damned' hailing the days of smoke, sayonces and haunting beauty. These pieces are elegant, moody and sexually charged. Who wouldn't want a piece of that? 

Available in over 200 stockists worldwide, including the Tuchuzy boutique in Sydney and Selfridges in the the UK. 

Style Stalker also offers a damned good blog
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