Sunday, 25 September 2011

ThRoUgH FLoSSiE's EyEs - LOnDoN FaShiOn WeeK

Ever met a girl called Flossie? probably not. i'm pretty certain there is only one. Flossie Saunders her name is, junior fashion editor for The Sunday Times Style is her other name. Flossie put me together a real treat of images that she captured whilst navigating the madness of LFW. You could say its LFW from a Flossie perspective. God, i love Flossie.

we threw in a bit of explanatory text too. i'm not gonna lie, it's mostly waffle..

who? Acne
where? Old sorting office
give me something else? well, some proper talent handing out vodka martinis on arrival - threaded up in Acne natch. and it would seem mirrored walls no longer need apply strictly to porn, works a treat with a catwalk. more angles. better sight.

who? Lenni
where? out side Mr Kane's show, people were referring to him as a Christopher Kan-ine. terribly funny us fashion folk, oh how we laughed.. 

who? Christopher Kane
where? 1 New Change
extra perks? Anna Dello Russo in one banger of an outfit - head to toe Prada in all it's sequinned glory. Kanye added some ding dong to the frow. 

who? Louise Gray
where? old Eurostar terminal
thoughts? delightfully bonkers. mad colour flushes and big up to the platform sandals.

who? John Rocha
where? Somerset house

who? Markus Lupfer presentation
where? Saint Martin's Lane hotel
yer, so what? a snout or a beak on a model will never fail to bring some cheer to my day. 
juvenile, much? absolutely.

who? Mary Katrantzou
where? old Eurostar terminal
so what? this would be my moment to use a devastatingly wa*ky expression such as amaze-balls. my favourite show, just go check it out on

who? Meadham Kirchoff
where? old Eurostar terminal
more please? these guys don't scrimp on performance. not afraid to go off-piste either. this time we were treated to an infestation of helium balloons, powder puff ballerinas and without forgetting a runway of kooky threads.

who? David Koma
where? old Eurostar terminal
got anything else for me? dunno, I bloody loved it, another wa*ky expression perhaps? 

Thanks to Flossie and all her pearls of wisdom...

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